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August 28th, 2021 - Jerry Edens

The Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum Mobile Application Wins it All

Is there anything better than a button that alerts someone to your need for another beer? Yes. When it comes directly to your seat at the Fiserv Forum, you never miss a minute cheering on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Coors Light Beer Me Button was introduced to the Bucks/Fiserv Forum app in 2019 and we couldn’t have been happier about it. Two years later, thousands of fans pushed the Button during the Bucks’ first NBA championship in 50 years.

Seeing we are in the business of mobile applications, located in the heart of Milwaukee, and are dazzled by the sparkle of the Bucks championship trophy, we wanted to pause a moment and pay respects to the mobile app that (we assume) was pushed more times during this season than points Giannis Antetokounmpo has scored in his career (somewhere north of 12,000).

So besides the fact that the fiserv.forum app allows you to order beer and have it delivered to your seat (bye-bye lines), why is this application so great? We broke it down as application development experts:

User Experience

Animation for bucks app

The app itself is extremely easy to use. It’s divided into two main sections: one for Fiserv Forum and the other for the Bucks. The sections nearly mirror each other, however, so once you’ve navigated one, you’ve navigated the other by default. That was an extremely smart design choice.

The navigation is clean and straightforward. The most important components of the app are easy to find and only one or two taps away. It’s worth mentioning that the animation when you tap “More” is unique yet easy for the user to understand and interact with.

The app itself is chock-full of great, free, content. Yet, you never feel overwhelmed by it. You can quickly and easily scan the content and choose which to read further. There is nothing better than finding the latest news about the Bucks without frustration.


Bucs interactive map

The hallmark of any great mobile app is if people want to use it or just need to use it. In this case, Fiserv Forum and the Bucks have created a mobile experience that does both. Not only do visitors of Fiserv Forum need to use the app for tickets, but they want to use the app for all the bells and whistles. For instance, if you are thinking of purchasing tickets for the next game, but want to make sure you have an excellent view - use the interactive map tool in the app and never wonder again!

Most importantly, the architects of the application created an experience that would draw people back to the application even if they weren’t at the arena. In the Milwaukee Bucks section, you can see all the latest highlights, watch games live, and catch up on the latest statistics. In the Fiserv Forum section, you can get announcements about upcoming events, review the event schedule, purchase tickets, and research where to stay and eat when you are in town.

Bucs beer me button Bucs manage tickets screen shot

What we could do without

While this app is largely a success, there is one small ding against it: ads. Yes, the mobile application is free to download. Yes, it delivers a lot of content without requiring payment. And, mostly, the advertisement banners are placed in areas that you can avoid an accidental click. Considering the app itself must generate a lot of revenue for Fiserv Forum and the Bucks (plus all the ads floating around the arena), what is the point of adding advertisements to the application? It would be better without it.

Overall, we applaud the Bucks/Fiserv Forum team on this application. Let us consider how many Bucks’ fans didn’t miss a minute of the game this season because of this button? It’s an A+ from us local Milwaukee die-hards.