state management
React Software Development
May 30, 2023 - Dylan C.
Diving Deeper into State Management in React: Hooks to Know

In this post we'll be rolling up our sleeves and digging into some code as we further explore state in more detail. As we'll be leaning heavily on both useState & useReducer in the future, we'll explore these fundamental building blocks of state in some detail.

work life balance
Working Remotely Personal Development Team
May 12, 2023 - Jon A.
Maintaining Boundaries for Better Work-Life Balance as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you likely have a lot on your plate. From deadlines to meetings, it can be challenging to balance your workload effectively and prioritize your non-work life. One of the most important skills you can develop as a software engineer is the ability to say 'no' professionally and tactfully.

writing user stories
Agile Project Management
April 26, 2023 - Jon A.
User Stories for Agile Development: A Guide to Meeting User Needs

Agile software development relies heavily on the use of user stories to ensure that software development projects meet the needs of end-users. User stories are a way of capturing what a user needs to do with the software, in a simple and concise way.

Software developer working at remotely
Team Personal Development
April 20, 2023 - Erhan B.
5 Essential Tips for Software Developers Working Remote

As a software developer, working remotely offers a lot of flexibility and freedom, but it can also be challenging to stay organized and productive. Without the structure of a traditional office environment, it's important to establish habits and routines that help you stay focused and organized.

People investigating solutions
Agile Project Management Software Development
April 7, 2023 - Jon A.
Software Development Agile Spikes: Investigating Solutions Mid-Sprint

One of the key practices in Agile development is to break down work into small chunks that can be completed in a short time frame with smaller effort. However, there are times when there is a need to explore and investigate a technical solution or a requirement that is not fully understood, and this is where Agile spikes come in.

person sitting at a computer compiling ruby
Ruby Linux Development
March 27, 2023 - Jon A.
Getting Ruby to Compile in Modern Linux Distros

It happens from time to time that the version of a dependency you need just isn't working anymore. Usually, this means updating something or making a small adjustment. Every once in a while, though, dependencies get out of date, and updating things just isn't an option. That's where we find ourselves today.

people in a meeting
Business Development Client Management
March 15, 2023 - Jon A.
Software Development Companies: Building Rapport with your Clients

The process of building and maintaining positive relationships with clients can be the lifeblood of your business. A positive rapport with your clients will help build your brand through public reviews and, hopefully, referrals.

Development Professional Development Tools
February 28, 2023 - Jon A.
Can Software Developers Use CHATGPT Effectively?

With the sudden popularity of CHATGPT, a language model developed by Open AI, professionals everywhere are trying to figure out if it's a useful tool for their use case. So, naturally, we did too.

Sticky notes on wall
Team Project Management Agile
February 21, 2023 - Jon A.
What is a Scrum Master & How They Can Help Your Team Reach Its Goals

Every software development team needs a great leader. Typically, software leadership comes in more than one role like engineering managers, lead developers, or product owners. While every leadership role has its purpose and goals, none is like that of an agile scrum master.

hands showing thumbs up
Software Development Project Management Agile
January 31, 2023 - Jon A.
What is the Definition of Done and Why Does it Matter

In an agile software development environment, work can effectively continue forever if the work is not clearly defined. The product owner has worked to put together a strategic roadmap, and the development team has split that into releases and sprints. But what defines the task and project completion? The definition of done.

Feet standing at start line
Software Development Project Management Tips
January 24, 2023 - Erhan B.
Tips for Starting a New Software Project

As consulting or agency software developers and engineers, you always work toward the next project. This means, when one project ends, another (hopefully) starts up. Having a starting routine for each of your projects will greatly help you to stay organized and reach success with your applications.

Design Matrix
Software Development Trends
January 18, 2023 - Derek H.
Edtech Trends in 2023 for Software Developers

While online learning was an essential part of several industries and higher education for almost a decade, the 2020 pandemic skyrocketed the need for virtual learning platforms. The need for fast, reliable software that is easy to maintain and easy to use.

Design Matrix
Design Thinking Project Management Agile
January 10, 2023 - Jon A.
Understanding the "Importance Difficulty Matrix"

In this post, we look to establish an understanding of the Importance/Difficulty Matrix used in agile/design thinking by briefly going through the vital steps involved in the process.

Internet of things
Trends Internet of Things
January 3, 2023 - Derek H.
Internet of Things (IoT) Trends 2023

From connected refrigerators that can add to your Alexa shopping list to cars that remind you they need an oil change, IoT has crept into nearly every aspect of daily life. Yet in 2023 (and the years to come), I anticipate IoT will become a larger, more integrated part of our lives.

planning sticky notes
Agile Software Development Project Management
December 22, 2022 - Jon A.
The Agile Planning Onion Revealed

No matter what flavor of Agile your company embraces, planning is imperative to having a successful product build. Planning doesn’t just happen at the start of every Sprint evaluating the backlog. It should start before a developer receives the new project.

React Software Development
December 15, 2022 - Dylan C.
Exploring State Management in React

State management in React was originally a monolithic beast that needed to be tamed in Classical React. The introduction of Hooks introduced a paradigm shift that ushered in the age of micro state management in React.

Drawing on whiteboard
Brand Software Applications
December 7, 2022 - Jon A.
Brand Consistency Across All Software Applications

As your company grows, you’re likely adding more custom software applications to your suite of products. Add a mobile application or complementary web application to your business profile that shows your customers, employees, and investors that you understand the market and are willing to do what it takes to maintain your position in it.

Smart Watch
Trends News Custom Software Wearable Devices
November 22, 2022 - Derek H.
Trends in Wearable Devices in 2023

A recent study showed that wearable technology is going to grow and grow rapidly over the next eight years. They are predicting that the market will hit nearly $395 billion globally by 2030. But how are wearable devices going to go from tracking steps to be one of the largest industries in the world?

Team Troubleshooting
Git Software Development Version Control
November 15, 2022 - Dave S.
Troubleshooting Team Conflicts with Git Branches

We comprehensively discussed the differences of rebase and merge within Git, but we didn’t quite hit on the challenges. When you’re working with a team of developers accessing the same master, you’re bound to have conflicts that need to be resolved.

Git Version Control
Git Rebase Merge Version Control
November 15, 2022 - Dave S.
A Comprehensive Guide to Rebase vs Merge in Git

No longer are we arguing about whether or not we should use version control. Instead, we are arguing about *how* we should use version control. Now, thanks to advancements in version control technology, many of us are on the other side of yet another large step forward, in which version control becomes less of a tool to control the source code, and more of a tool to help craft the source code into its best form.

Ruby on Rails options
Ruby on Rails Coding Development
November 8, 2022 - Robert C.
Extending the Options Class in Ruby on Rails

The goal of the options class was to take _all_ the options and turn them into something useful. We essentially want a user to pass in as little information as needed to generate the correct markup, but we want to set some useful defaults. This post expands on the latest Ruby on Rails post on options and configurations.

Ruby on Rails options and configurations
Ruby on Rails Bootstrap Development
November 1, 2022 - Robert C.
Options and Configurations in Ruby on Rails

The bootstrap helpers gem is starting to come together and be useful in projects. But not every project is alike. To make matters more interesting, not even uses inside the same project need the same options. This post dives into just that.

Mobile App Maintenance
Mobile App Maintenance
November 1, 2022 - Derek H.
What Software Investments Come After Your App Launches?

Imagine after months or even years of development, you have finally launched the perfect mobile application. While you plan to sit back, relax and watch it rise to the top, someone wakes you up that it was only a dream.

Software Development Learning Professional Development
October 25, 2022 - Derek H.
Ways to Keep Your Software Development Knowledge Current

In a fast-paced world where new programming languages, frameworks, coding strategies, libraries, and technologies are being introduced every day, software engineers must go through extensive measures to keep their software development knowledge up-to-date.

Team members
Team Software Development
October 18, 2022 - Derek H.
Be the Team Member Everyone Loves

Whether you are a mid-level developer, a senior designer, a junior quality assurance officer, or even a team leader, if you don’t know how to be a good team member, there is a high chance that you won’t succeed professionally. Here, we will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a great team member.

Bootstrap Ruby on Rails Icons
October 11, 2022 - Robert C.
Bootstrap Icon Packages

Bootstrap also has an icon package. It's great to use because, at the start of many projects, many clients haven't really decided on an icon pack yet, and while the bootstrap icons are nothing fantastical, they are, like the bootstrap CSS a workhorse.

Client Project Management Custom Development
October 10, 2022 - Jon A.
4 Things That Will Lead to Success with Entrision

When it comes to hiring a software development company, effective and efficient communication is the key to success. To do this, you must ensure that the project requirements are clearly communicated before the design development stage.

User Journey
Mobile App Project Management Software Development
October 3, 2022 - Jon A.
Why a User Journey Map Is Important for Application Development

Consumers use emails, websites, phone calls, messaging apps, and other channels to communicate with businesses. These customer touchpoints create a complex user journey map, making it difficult for developers to ensure a smooth user experience.

Sprint Review
Agile Project Management
September 29, 2022 - Entrision
Agile Ceremonies: What Makes a Sprint Review Powerful?

During a sprint review meeting, the entire scrum team can sit and work together with the stakeholders to decide the best way forward. Even though the agile sprint review is an informal meeting, it is primarily conducted to inspect product increments and adapt product backlog items if required.

Entrision award
Award Team
September 19, 2022 - Entrision
Online Degree Names Entrision as a Top Software Development Company in Education for 2022

Entrision is pleased to report that its team was included in the “The 2022 Best Software Development Companies In Education” list published annually by the leading consumer education website,

Handshake with client
Client Project Management
September 19, 2022 - Jon A.
6 Ways to Run an Effective Client Meeting

Whether you are a business owner, salesperson, manager, engineer, or designer, client meetings allow you to build credibility and trust with prospects, current customers, and leads. Learning how to plan, mediate and prepare for an effective client meeting is a great way to set yourself apart from others, create a strong impression, and initiate an excellent working relationship.

Software developer writing code
Bootstrap Software Development Learn
September 14, 2022 - Robert C.
Bootstrap: Accessibility and the Grid

One of Entrision’s application developers explains the history of accessibility in bootstrap. Yes, you’ll see what it was like to code tables in the ‘90s. And then he’ll take you on a journey to update your coding skills to the 21st century with a grid system.

Hand placing sticky notes
Agile Team
September 12, 2022 - Jon A.
Agile Ceremonies: Retrospectives That Don't Put Your Team to Sleep

Held after every sprint or project, a sprint retrospective meeting is an excellent way for your team to reflect on the successes and failures of the previous sprint, including the goals achieved, the work that was done, and the ideas to improve future performance or generate better outcomes.

Mobile App Development Custom Software
September 6, 2022 - Aashima G.
How to Monetize Your App: A Guide

Mobile app monetization methods help you generate sustainable revenue from an app without charging any money for it. Not only this, but it also helps keep the user experiences relatively intact. Let’s discuss the three expert-advised ways to monetize your app.

Team Software Development
August 29, 2022 - Erhan B.
4 Tips to Be a Development Team Lead People Love

Companies need to have software development teams that can create a product using the latest tech solutions. However, the quality and efficiency of the product directly depend upon two things: the dev team leader and the team interaction.

Heroku logo
Ruby on Rails Software Development Heroku Hosting
August 26, 2022 - Derek H.
Heroku Ends Free Hosting: Our Reaction

Heroku has announced they are shutting down the free hosting tier. These are some of Derek's thoughts on the move, and reflections on what Heroku has done for Entrision and for the community. Also, what now? I incldue some recomendations for heroku alternatives that will still meet your needs.

Analytics Performance Mobile Application
August 22, 2022 - Derek H.
Top Analytics Tools to Review Your Application's Performance

With over 3 million iOS and Android apps worldwide and 3.8 million smartphone users, the competition is getting fiercer by the minute. To ensure that your app stands out, you need to offer a flawless user experience that can only be possible by tracking the performance of your application using mobile app analytics tools.

Building Helpers
Ruby on Rails Software Development Learn Bootstrap
August 19, 2022 - Robert Cotey
Creating Bootstrap Alert Helpers in Ruby on Rails

The bootstrap framework offers us alert components that are easy to drop-in, but there are ways we can use them more efficiently within the ruby on rails framework. Here are some helper classes that I use in many of my projects that DRY up my code and allow me to use bootstrap helpers in many different formats and circumstances with a single line of code.

Team Software Development
August 16, 2022 - Jon Armour
How to Keep Software Development Teams Motivated

Software development is currently one of the most important niches in the corporate world. With new and different types of software being launched almost every day, it is no wonder that more and more people have decided to work in this booming industry. If the teams aren’t nurtured, it can often lead to burnout, resulting in software development teams losing their motivation and productivity.

Adding Helpers
Ruby on Rails Software Development Learn
August 12, 2022 - Robert Cotey
Adding the First Helpers in Ruby on Rails

Having some helpers for bootstrap code isn't new. Others have done it. This is just one take on the problem. Also, this isn't a project where we know the ending and so we can skip all the dirty traveling we have to do to get there.

User Feedback Agile Product Development
August 11, 2022 - Jon Armour
5 Ways to Get User Feedback for Your Application

The best way to know what your consumers think about your product or service is by collecting user feedback directly from them. So whether you are designing a new product or improving an old one, understanding the user perspective is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve success for your application.

Agile Communication Project Management
August 04, 2022 - Jon A
Agile Ceremonies: Daily Scrums That Aren't a Waste of Time

A daily scrum allows agile software development teams to address the complexity of a project with regularity. Every person from the scrum master to the product owner to the team members must attend the daily scrum meeting to track the progress of sprints and ensure that everything is on track.

Design Thinking Agile Poject Management
July 28, 2022 - Erhan B
Design Thinking: Phase Five is Testing

Every software development team will have its own style of the development process, even if they are also using an Agile process. Agile can look different to each team that employs it. That’s why it’s so important to be clear and upfront with your clients when they start working with you.

Team Mentoring Software Development
July 20, 2022 - Derek H.
Mentoring a New Software Developer Can Benefit Your Career Too

The complexity of the software development industry can be daunting. Despite the awareness of technology and accessibility of unlimited information and online learning tools, many software engineering companies are still investing in internal mentoring programs to help both junior and senior developers grow and learn professionally. They believe that mentoring new software developers helps them develop new skills, deliver high-quality products, and retain their best talent, and we agree.

Team Software Engineering
July 20, 2022 - Derek H.
Entrision Employee Spotlight: Jon Armour

The work we do at Entrision wouldn’t be successful without the amazing, diverse team. It’s important to us to take a moment and shine a light on the bright minds that we have on the team. Join us in learning a bit more about them in our Employee Spotlight Series. We’re going to hear more from Jon Armour, a Client Delivery Manager.

Ruby on Rails Software Development
July 11, 2022 - Robert C.
Autoloading for Faster Development in Ruby on Rails

One of the things about the bootstrap helpers gem that is a bit annoying is that every time you change a helper, you have to reload the rails server to see the changes. That's a bit annoying, takes time from developing, and can add time to a project timeline, so let’s try to fix that.

Mid-Year Product Check
Mobile App Mobile App Development
July 06, 2022 - Jon A.
Mid-Year Product Check: Is Your Mobile App Still Competitive?

In this fast-paced and competitive world of digitalization, developing a mobile app isn’t enough. You need to provide regular maintenance (fix bugs, improve user experiences, and release regular updates) to ensure that the app stands its ground against your competitors. How do you know your app is competitive? Let us give you some guidelines.

New Authentication Feature in Rails 7
Ruby on Rails Authentication Software Development
June 29, 2022 - Robert C.
New Authentication Feature in Rails 7

When securing a web application there are two things that must be taken into consideration: Authentication and Authorization. At a high-level Authentication is “who are you?” and authorization is “are you allowed to be here?”. A while ago, we looked at pundit and cancan for Authorization. Today, we’ll look at a new feature in Rail 7.1 called authenticated_by (and has_secure_password).

Design Thinking: Phase Four Prototype
Design Thinking Agile Project Management
June 29, 2022 - Natasha B.
Design Thinking: Phase Four Prototype

From planning, prototyping, and testing your ideas to implementing them, the journey of developing a new product is a combination of different steps. The design thinking process comprises five steps; empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Being fourth in the line, after ideation sessions, the prototyping phase saves the design team’s time and money by revealing to them how the user would think and feel about their products or services while allowing them to address any uncertainties around the idea.

Pair Programming
Software Development Team Mentoring
June 22, 2022 - Shane K.
Importance of Pair Programming with Remote Team Members

Companies are adapting to the purely remote or hybrid culture in today’s work culture. This is where pair programming saves the day. Not only because writing advanced code can be challenging and doing it alone can make the task even more daunting, but it has also been observed that programmers work best when they are empowered and inspired by one another, and pair programming makes that easier than ever.

Sprint Planning
Agile Project Management Planning
June 05, 2022 - Jon A.
How to Plan an Agile Sprint in Software Development

Agile sprint planning gets a lot of things right. But most importantly, the sprint planning session helps turn your project goals into a step-by-step guide, making it easier for the scrum master to supervise and the product development teams to execute.

Design Thinking Project Management
June 08, 2022 - Erhan B.
Design Thinking Phase Two: Define

After you have observed and engaged with the users of your application in the Empathize Phase, you’ll pull all of the data together to define the problem. The end result of the Define Phase of Design Thinking should be a creative brief that allows the creative and development teams to ideate a solution.

Joining Teams
Project Management Team Communication
June 01, 2022 - Jon A.
Tips For Team Changes and Maintaining Productivity

Development teams are constantly changing, especially in today’s job market. When a change is made to a development team (or any type of team), they will probably enter a learning phase. There are several ways that teams can find themselves thrust into a learning phase.

Helper Gem
Ruby on Rails Gem Software Development
May 23, 2022 - Robert C.
The Start of the Bootstrap Helpers Gem for Ruby on Rails Development

Gems, not unique to Ruby on Rails, are external libraries that developers can use to add functionality to a software project quickly. It allows developers to become extremely time-efficient when coding components and features that show up frequently in their projects. In this post, I’m going to explain how to kick off a bootstrap helpers gem.

Design Thinking Project Management
May 18, 2022 - Erhan B.
The Foundation of the Design Thinking Process: Empathize

If you want to find a solution, you not only have to know the problem, but you need to understand why it is a problem in the first place. In the first phase of the process of Design Thinking, your team will gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you are tasked to solve.

Wordle banner
Ruby on Rails Security
May 4, 2022 - Robert Cotey
Learning Password Security from Wordle

A new-ish game owned by the New York Times, called "Wordle" has recently become very popular. In this game, your goal is to guess a five-letter word, in six guesses or less. The most interesting thing for us developers is how it can relate to password protection.

Agile banner
Software Project Management Agile
May 3, 2022 - Jon Armour
Agile Software Development with Clients Projects

Every software development team will have its own style of the development process, even if they are also using an Agile process. Agile can look different to each team that employs it. That’s why it’s so important to be clear and upfront with your clients when they start working with you.

Futurism banner
Ruby on Rails Software Engineering
April 29th 2022 - Robert C.
When and How to use the Futurism Gem in Ruby on Rails

The basic use case for the Futurism gem is to “lazy-load” sections of a web page. You may want to do this for example if you have a complex application, and you want to load sections of the page after the main or important content has loaded.

Jenefer Licet Reyes
Team Software Engineering
April 13th 2022 - Derek H.
Entrision Employee Spotlight: Jenefer Licet Reyes

Our team at Entrision is growing! We think it's important for us to take a moment and shine a light on the bright minds that we have on the team. Join us in learning a bit more about them in our Employee Spotlight Series.

Benefits of RoR
Ruby on Rails Software Development Web App
April 6th 2022 - Robert C.
4 Benefits of Ruby on Rails for Software Applications

The technology we use when we are developing is extremely important to us and our software clients. Which frameworks we choose can affect the efficiency of the project, the application, and the happiness of the client. When it comes to web applications - Ruby on Rails is our top pick.

Design thinking ideation
Design Thinking Project Management
March 30th 2022 - Natasha B.
Design Thinking Phase Three: Ideation

The third phase of design thinking is ideation: where no idea is bad and all ideas are considered. How can you ensure your ideation phase moves you successfully to the prototype stage? We've got these tips for you.

Build vs buy
Custom software Business Project Management
March 24th 2022 - Derek H.
Build vs. Buy: The No. 1 Software Development Question

When you work in the business of building custom software solutions for companies, you compete with other custom software development companies and with out-of-the-box SaaS solutions. However, we often are asked early on in the RFP process whether or not the company's decision to build custom software “makes sense” for their situation.

techreviewer listing
Entrision Awards News Expertise
March 2nd 2022 - Derek H.
Entrision Listed as Top Software Development Firm in US

Techreviewer is excited to announce that Entrision has made its way onto the list of Top Software Development Companies in the USA in 2022. Techreviewer was impressed with Entrision's custom development services that are offered for both mobile and web applications. Entrision's team of developers is a great mix of experienced abd seasoned coders with innovative minds.

user research
User Research Agile
Feb 24th 2022 - Shane K.
User Research Questions for Software Development Projects

We get a lot of questions about user research and how it plays into our development process. We've pulled together the 5 top questions about user research that we truly love to be asked and love to answer.

design thinking
Project management Design Thinking Agile
Feb 17th 2022 - Erhan B.
What is Design Thinking in Software Development

Design Thinking is a process of understanding a user's problem, challenging business assumptions, and redefining the problems to find the best solution for the user. When you employ Design Thinking in your organization, you are starting with the users' needs - what is desirable to them?

agile banner
Project management Agile Software Development
Feb 9th 2022 - Jon A.
Agile Ceremonies in Software Development at Entrision

The agile methodology of software development is a project management style that allows software developers, stakeholders, and users to communicate clearly and create useful software. Unlike other strategies of product development, agile lets the development team learn and adapt through the development process, which often means the end result is slightly (or greatly) different from what was originally planned.

scholarship news
Software Engineering Entrision News
Feb 2nd 2022 - Derek H.
Software Engineering Academic Scholarship from Entrision

We understand the importance of software in the future of every industry - from online commerce to healthcare and all the businesses in between. That's why we are investing in the next generation of software developers, QA experts, and program managers through an academic scholarship.

outsourcing image
Software Development Custom software Outsourcing Business success
Jan 24th 2022 - Jon A.
Outsourcing Your Software Development: Insider Tips

So, you've got a new software development project coming up and you're considering your options for how to get it done. Outsourcing is an excellent option for any custom software project, even if you have an in-house development team.

rails image
Ruby on Rails Technology Software Rails 7
Jan 19th 2022 - Robert C.
What's New in Rails 7

At the end of the day, Rails 7 seems like a move in the right direction. There are some things that will be very disruptive and some things that may fail in the long run. But technology marches on, and we think Rails is pointed in the right direction. These features, and the others coming soon, show that Rails still has a relevant place in web programming.

Futuristic Lights
mobile applications software development trends industry
Jan 11th 2022 - Derek H.
Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

We’ve pulled together our list of possible trends in mobile app development from our conversations with customers, listening to the experts, and our industry conversations around the Entrision break room. We are interested to know your thoughts on our list, too.

Software Developer Employee Spotlight - Entrision
Team Software Engineering
Jan 5th 2022 - Derek H.
Employee Spotlight: Logan Meissner

The work we do at Entrision wouldn’t be successful without the amazing, diverse team. It’s important to us to take a moment and shine a light on the bright minds that we have on the team. Join us in learning a bit more about them in our Employee Spotlight Series.

Brand Styleguide
software development ruby engineering
Dec 9th 2021 - Erhan B.
Formatting Dates in Ruby

A date is a date is a date, right? Sure, but often we need to display them in different formats. September 27, 2019 looks a lot different than 9/27/19. Here's a handy reference for the options available if you're converting a date to a string using a function like strftime.

Brand Styleguide
Brand Design Business branding
Nov 22nd 2021 - Autumne F.
6 Easy Steps to Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

Your brand’s style guide takes your brand’s heart and soul - values, vision, and mission statement - and translates them into an eye-catching design. It is a rulebook containing specifications and regulations on everything including typography, imagery, color, and logos - and everyone including departments, partners, or agencies that play a significant role when it comes to your brand.

Senior Developers
software development project management scrum team
Oct 21st 2021 - Jon A.
Can You Achieve Efficiency and Success Without a Senior Developer on the Product?

If you think of a custom software development project, having a senior developer on the product is typically associated with higher development costs, which most consumers don’t always understand or appreciate. However, if you think in terms of soft skills, valuable feedback, in-depth assessments, and improved long-term efficiency, a senior developer brings a lot more to the table than mid-level or junior developers.

Software Development Project Timeline Clock | Communicating Delays
software development communication project management agile
Oct 1st 2021 - Shane K
5 Tips to Communicating Delays in A Software Development Project

With every custom project, there are unknown hurdles or needs that can pop up while you’re in the middle of development. While some of these can be easily navigated and the project can be kept on time and budget, some cannot. Whether your project is for an internal team or an external client, you’re going to need to communicate with the team and the stakeholders about the delay in a timely and respectful manner.

Game Controller | Gamification of Mobile Applications
software development mobile application business strategy
Sept 20th 2021 - Jon A
What Is Gamification and Should You Consider It for Your Business?

The term gamification was first coined by a British computer programmer and inventor, Nick Pelling, in 2003. Since then, many SMEs have integrated gamification into business models to drive successful results across platforms, but primarily mobile apps.

Starter tips develop ios app
Apple iOS Software Development Mobile Applications
Sept 1st 2021 - Jerry E
Starter Tips to Develop an iOS Application

Are you looking into developing an iOS application? If you have some experience in coding, it's not hard to get into iOS development. Apple provides all the necessary tools. It's even possible to create a usable application without touching a programming language.

Web app development
mobile application Milwaukee Top Pick
August 28th 2021 - Jerry E
A Championship Mobile Application: A Case Study

Seeing we are in the business of mobile applications, located in the heart of Milwaukee, and are dazzled by the sparkle of the Bucks championship trophy, we wanted to pause a moment and pay respects to the mobile app that (we assume) was pushed more times during this season than points Giannis Antetokounmpo has scored in his career (somewhere north of 12,000).

Web app development
Software Engineering Programming Languages Ruby on Rails Node.js
August 11th 2021 - Jon A.
Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: Which is a Better Web Development Framework?

Node and Rails are two common choices for backend web frameworks - especially for open-source enthusiasts like ourselves. We explore the benefits and drawbacks of each, and conclude with our opinion of what our go-to choice is here at Entrision.

Entrision Named Top Software Company in Wisconsin
Entrision News Awards Expertise
July 28th 2021 - Derek H.
Entrision Recognized as Top Software Development Company in Wisconsin for 2021

With every passing day, we grow more and more inclined to developing advancements in an effort to speed up digital transformation. Most companies have already integrated top-notch technologies into their businesses, applying new methods in order to satisfy their customers' requirements more effectively and efficiently.

Software Developer Employee Spotlight - Entrision
Team Software Engineering
June 24th 2021 - Derek H.
Employee Spotlight: Erhan Berber

None of our client projects would be successful without the amazing team here at Entrision. We want to take the time to honor the people that work so hard to make our clients’ visions from concept to production. Join us in learning a bit more about them in our Employee Spotlight Series.

woman writing code
iOS Mobile Development Dark Mode Software Engineering
Jun 18th 2021 - Brian T.
How to Build an iOS App for Dark Mode

Apple added support for dark mode with the iOS 13 release. Even though dark mode has been available for a while, it is still a common problem for applications to either not support dark mode or to have some display issues when a user switches to dark mode.

startup founders
Startups Software Engineering
June 2nd, 2021 - Erhan B.
Building a Better Digital Startup Through Software Development

A software development company can improve a startup company's returns on investment and encourage consumers to engage directly with your company and its vision.Businesses today are increasingly adopting mobile apps and digital applications to communicate their products and services to digitally-centered consumers. But with the technological and social demands of mobile technology, digital entrepreneurship can be difficult to fully implement without software development expertise.

blue bus
Software Collaboration Workflow Engineering
June 1st, 2021 - Jon A.
Mitigating the Bus Factor Risk for a Software Project

Is your software project one person away from coming to a halt? We examine how to calculate and increase your bus factor for your project.

ekg line
Healthcare Data Engineering
May 25th, 2021 - Derek H.
Trends in Healthcare Technology

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of technological advancements. Here are some healthcare tech trends as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

developer reviewing code
Software Collaboration Process Engineering
Apr 2nd, 2021 - Jon A.
Software Project Efficiency: Get an External Code Audit

Having your code reviewed by a team or person outside your organization can yield some valuable feedback. Here are some of the reasons you might consider having your project looked at by someone with a fresh perspective.

person performing pull request review
Software Collaboration Workflow Engineering
Feb 8th, 2021 - Derek H.
How to Perform a Thorough Pull Request Review

Pull Request review doesn't have to be a painful experience. Done right, it's a process that leads to stronger team collaboration and a better software product. Here are some tips that can help teams better perform PR reviews.

in app purchases or third party
App Store Monetization In-App Purchases Payment Processing
Nov 12th, 2020 - Brian T.
iOS Apps: Using In-App Purchases or Third Party Processing

This is a question we often hear when building apps that collect a payment. In-app purchases are convenient, but Apple takes a hefty cut. Using a third-party processor usually takes a little more work, but you don't have to give away nearly as big of pie slice to "the man". The truth though is that it's not worth weighing the pros/cons, because in reality it's not a choice we even get to make. Apple has clear guidelines that dictate when each payment strategy must be used, and in order for our app to be distributed on the app store, those guidelines must be respected.

top developer expertise award
Entrision News Awards Expertise
Oct 5th, 2020 - Derek H.
Entrision Named as Top Software Development Agency in Milwaukee

Entrision was recently given the title as one of the top software development companies in the greater Milwaukee area, in a study performed by, which evaluated over 40 local agencies in coming to their decision.

established or indie frameworks
Frameworks Software Support Architecture Community
Sep 25th, 2020 - Joan R.
Established or Indie Frameworks?

Programmers have to decide what paradigm they’ll adopt and then use it to develop web pages and applications. So is it better to choose a bigger, more established framework? Or a smaller, niche one? In this article, we’ll outline a few of the advantages of both an established and indie framework

native vs hybrid
Mobile Apps Native Apps Hybrid Apps Progressive Web Apps
Aug 28th, 2020 - Brian T.
Native vs. Hybrid Apps: The On-going Discussion

At Entrision, our app development team builds mobile applications with varying feature sets of all different sizes for all different industries. So our team here in Milwaukee is constantly exploring technical decisions when it comes to the best way to build those apps.

shoes too big for feet
Microservices Custom Software Business Success Scalability
June 19th, 2020 - Derek H.
Why We Don’t Build Software to Support Millions of Users

Buying software can be a lot like buying anything else. So it should be treated that way. Would you buy adult-sized shoes for your child, in anticipation of them becoming an adult? It wouldn’t be advisable. So why do we so often do this when building custom software?

Software Design Microservices Software Architecture Digital Infrastructure
June 9th, 2020 - Carlos G.
Migrating from a Monolith to Microservice Architecture

Migrating a monolith to a microservice architecture will assist a development team with the amount of churn, speed to delivery, and debugging quickly and efficiently. That being said - it may not be right for every business.

apple keynote on-stage
iOS Swift SwiftUI Interface Builder
May 22th, 2020 - Brian T.
Building iOS Apps with SwiftUI

When is the right time to adopt SwiftUI in your iOS apps? There's little doubt that it's going to be come the new standard. We look into some of the pros and cons of opting to use it in your next project.

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Digital Infrastructure Covid-19 Remote Work Innovation
May 11th, 2020 - Jon A.
Utilizing Custom Software During COVID-19

Everything has gone digital, and businesses are succeeding or failing according to their ability to utilize modern software. Whether it's communication, project management, or the ability to deliver value to your customers, we must adapt.

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Software Development Virtual Meetings Coronavirus Remote Work
Apr 24th, 2020 - Jon A.
Tips for Conducting Virtual Meetings

Meetings have all gone remote and it's a much different environment than an in-person conference room. Here are some extra tips our team has incorporated that we've found have helped to keep our virtual meetings productive and efficient.

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Software Development Process Communication Project Success
Apr 3rd, 2020 - Derek H
Why Software Projects Fail

Software projects fail often - way too often. In 2014 the Standish Group, an IT research firm, conducted a study that surveyed 365 people representing over 8,000 software development projects. The results were, in a word, bleak. For example, over 30 percent of projects get canceled before completion. At large companies, according to their results, less than 10 percent of projects are “successful.”

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Project management Software Development Communication skills Software Developers
Mar 6th, 2020 - Jon A.
Tips for Communicating with Software Engineers

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you how important communication is to the successful running of a business. How, then, does one breach the divide between engineers and management? The technical barriers may always be there, but there are simple, good-faith ways of speaking with developers that will help any project run just a little bit smoother.

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Refactoring Rebuilding Software Development Legacy Applications
Dec 23rd, 2019 - Derek H.
Rebuild or Refactor Legacy Applications: A Case Study

This is a question developers often face with older software - especially when taking over someone else's codebase. Is it worth it to start over? Often the idea is attractive, but sometimes it is not in your best interest.

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Technology Innovation Customer Experience Software
Nov 4th, 2019 - Derek H.
How Domino’s is Using Custom-Developed Software

Domino’s pizza has, frankly, never been accused of being any good. And yet, they’ve recently become one of the highest-growth companies in fast food. One of the primary factors fueling their growth and success has been their embrace of technology and innovation.

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iOS Mobile Development App Store
Sept 20th, 2019 - Brian Tresedder
iOS Development: Reasons for App Store Rejection

You’ve spent a lot of time and possibly money building your iOS application and now you’re ready to release it to the world. First, you will need to get it approved by Apple to release it on the App Store. In order to get your mobile app listed and available in the Apple App Store, you’ll first need to go through a review process. This can often seem intimidating, but most of the time the reasons that apps get rejected are fairly straightforward and easy to avoid.

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Technology Software Process Improvement Software Design
Aug 22nd, 2019 - Derek Harrington
Custom Software Development & the Benefits for Your Business

We take for granted the creative freedom that comes with running a business. You can pick the type of business you want to run, where you run it, who you run it with, and so on. But what if the world didn’t work that way?

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Technology Software Ruby on Rails Toolset
June 12th, 2019 - Dave Strock
Rails Soft Delete: Comparing Paranoia and Discard

Rails makes it very easy to build web apps that perform basic CRUD operations, which can be enough to handle the requirements of many applications. Although outside the pattern, one common use case is when the application needs to perform a soft delete, making records appear to be deleted while retaining the actual database record.

Technology Software Process Communication
June 5th, 2019 - Derek Harrington
3 Red Flags When Researching a Software Company for a Custom Solution

There’s no shortage of options to choose from when you’re looking for a partner to create your custom software solution. In fact, there are so many companies in the market, that it’s often hard to know who to work with. Truth be told, there’s a lot of great companies with skilled teams who produce impressive software. The problem is, there���s an equal number of really poor software companies disguised as customer-centric experts.

Technology Software Ruby on Rails Toolset Authorization
May 29th, 2019 - Dave Strock
Rails Authorization: Pundit and CanCanCan

Access control is a key part of any web application, and when building a rails app today, developers have a few options to choose from. In this post, we dive into two of the primary libraries that handle this and talk about the benefits of each.