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In our business, doing things right relies heavily on good communication. It's no secret that some of the most brilliant developers don’t communicate well with humans. We take extra time in our talent acquisition to ensure the developers we hire enjoy talking to people!

When you work with us, you become a member of our team.

Dave Strock - Sr. Software Developer
Dave Strock
Senior Software Developer
Bringing 15 years of experience to the team, Dave is a meticulous architect. His years of working on software for aircrafts gave him an uncompromising insistence on quality which he’s carried over to his role as a senior engineer at Entrision. Dave is primarily a back-end architect, with an emphasis on proper infrastructure design and unit testing.
Travis Wade - Senior iOS Developer
Travis Wade
Senior iOS Developer
Travis is the backbone of our mobile development team. He acts as a project lead for a variety of iOS development projects. Living in the mountains of Idaho, he enjoys reminding Derek and Brian that he gets to enjoy real skiing. His only known poor quality is being a Seahawks fan, but we forgive him for it.
Brian Tresedder - Lead iOS Developer
Brian Tresedder
Lead iOS Developer
Brian leads up our mobile development team. He wrote his first app for the iPhone 3G, and he’s been all about iOS apps ever since. When he doesn’t have his nose in the keyboard, you’ll find Brian doing anything involving competition, including (but not limited to) crossfit, golf, tennis, volleyball, spikeball.
Joan Ruiz - Software Developer
Joan Ruiz
Software Developer
With Entrision since the beginning, Joan is known as an executor. Joan is as reliable as they come and always eager to learn. Joan lives with his wife in Grapevine, TX and having come from Washington DC, he enjoys listening to the locals talk about how “cold” it is outside.
Derek Harrington - Founder
Derek Harrington
Development Lead
Known for wardrobe of flannel shirts and blue jeans, he leads all software development operations. Derek is responsible for ensuring all projects run smoothly, on schedule, and within budget. An avid skier on both snow and water, you may not see him online on afternoons with fresh powder.
Carlos - Software Developer
Carlos Guisao
Software Developer
Comfortable with the full stack, Carlos specializes in building detail-oriented front-end interfaces for our web projects. He also enjoys pushing the boundaries and exploring new technologies.
Daryl - Software Developer
Daryl Winger
Software Developer
Daryl is a full-stack web app developer and project lead. He works with clients to bring solutions to life. Daryl is a man of many talents that extend well beyond software development. His wife will attest that his skills in building things extend to the physical world as well - he's just as good with a skill saw as with a keyboard.
Jeni Branum - Designer
Jeni Branum
When it comes to working with clients, Jeni thinks the term “designer” doesn’t paint a full picture. She acts as a design consultant, message translator, project planner, and visual strategist, conveying your message to users in a visually pleasing and effective way.

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