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What type of custom applications does Entrision build?

Entrision has over 10 years of experience building custom web and mobile applications with the latest technologies. We work with clients that have extremely unique needs that cannot be solved through an out-of-the-box solution.

Does Entrision outsource development?

While we have a remote team, we don’t outsource any part of our development overseas. All of our team members are working within the United States. While several extremely reputable software agencies will outsource the work, we find that the best communication occurs when team members and stakeholders are within one or two time zones of each other.

What do clients say about Entrision?

Happy clients are our main goal, short of producing top market applications. We work with clients in several industries and would be happy to share some references. You can also check out our reviews at Clutch.co and Techreviewer.co.

What coding languages and technology does Entrision use?

For web applications, we will use Ruby on Rails, primarily. We use Swift for iOS applications and Kotlin for Android applications. Of course, we have our go-to languages and technologies. If a project calls for something a little different than we would normally do we work with our team members and our clients to find the best solution. You can learn more about our specific languages based on the type of development service you need.