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From a napkin sketch of an app idea to scalable enterprise software, we’ll bring it to life. We believe in raving clients and exceptional software.

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Recent Work

FitRadio Mobile


The FitRadio app has over a million downloads on the app store and has been been ranked a Top 10 Health & Fitness App on the App Store. When the Apple Watch was first released, the Entrision team quickly built and released a corresponding Apple Watch app, which has made the FitRadio platform the premiere workout music solution.

Apple Watch
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Cappa Health

Cappa Health is a mobile health platform leading the delivery in intense behavioral counseling for chronic disease programs. The platform includes a native iOS app, native Android app, and ruby on rails web application to deliver an evidence-based curriculum that leads to real world results - and healthier lives.

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Rosenthal & Rosenthal

It has always been important to Rosenthal & Rosenthal to deliver customer experiences that match their high-end brand image, and level of service. So the app we built had to be simple, elegant, and designed for the elite clients that turn to Rosenthal & Rosenthal.

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Trust is one of the most important things in our client relationships. So it seemed like a natural fit to partner with an entrepreneur who wanted to build trust back into personal relationships. Through a gamified mobile app, users can build trust scores by making and keeping promises.

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Our Process

We live and breathe codebases, application prototypes, mobile app launches, and stellar user experiences, but our fulfillment comes from helping our clients realize success through reliable, scalable, exceptional mobile applications.

How it gets done matters. Here’s how we do it:


Research Discovery
NO. 1

Research & Discovery

Entrision knows how to ideate a great mobile app. We’ll recommend how to move forward with your app by combining your knowledge of your field with our app expertise. Together, we’ll conceptually design the best customized mobile solution.

Craft the User Experience
NO. 2

Craft the User Experience

An excellent mobile application demands a great user experience. We pay particular attention here to how your clients will use this product and the business goals so we can blend them together to create intuitive interactions and craft a stunning mobile app.

NO. 3


Let's build it. Using agile practices supported by transparent tools, we’ll embark on mobile application development. We combine frequent, meaningful communication with milestone-based code delivery to ensure the app design comes to life according to your vision.


NO. 4

Release Early & Often

It doesn’t matter how well a mobile app is planned out. Things change. Assumptions change. We know change is the only constant in every project, so we’re prepared to deal with that from the beginning.

After every major feature, we release a stable version of your product so you can review it and get it in front of your mobile users to gain feedback quickly. Then, we make changes immediately, if needed. This is agile development, and it’s ideal for building a mobile app.

NO. 5

Launch & Beyond

We won’t launch your mobile app and leave you to fend for yourself. That’s not how we roll. But don’t forget us either. Mobile apps are downloaded and created every day. You’ll be looking for ways to keep your mobile users engaged. We’ll have new mobile app technologies to help you compete.

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"They just get it."

Russell Greene

Russell Greene

Founder & CEO, FitRadio

Apple Android

Swift, Kotlin, Done

In a software world where a new cross-platform solution comes on the scene every week, there's no replacement for going native.

We build iOS apps in SwiftUI and Android Apps in Kotlin, the way the platform creators intended. If it's good enough for Apple, it's good enough for us.

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We come from a land of good cheese and cold beer, where nice people work midwest-hard. We do right by our friends not only because raving clients are the best advertising, but because that's just how we were raised. Here, we know that quality has no shortcuts.

We’re from Milwaukee

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