Our Process

How it gets done matters.

No matter how it gets dressed up, process isn’t sexy - but the method by which your solution is developed makes a difference. Many developers are satisfied with just "getting it to work." In contrast, we take pride in our iterative, detail-focused development process that results in the highest quality software.

Our philosophy: Do It Right.

№ 1

Research and discover.

Entrision knows technology. We’ll be able to suggest the best way of achieving your desired result, and by combining your knowledge of your field with our technology expertise, we’ll be able to conceptually design the best customized solution.
№ 2

Craft the user experience.

Let’s take those ideas and make them a reality. This is where you help us to share in your vision. We pay particular attention here to how your clients will use this product. Responsive designs and a pleasant user experience is the goal here. We’ll work with you to nail down the exact look and feel that’s right for you.
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process icon
№ 3


Let's build it. Using agile practices supported by transparent tools, we combine frequent communication and milestone-based delivery to ensure the design comes to life according to your vision.

No two solutions are the same, and we assess the needs of each project individually before choosing the best technology frameworks and tools that will most appropriately meet the goals of the project.

№ 4

Release early, release often.

It doesn’t matter how well an application is planned out. Things change. Assumptions change. We realize that ahead of time. That’s why we’re prepared to deal with that from the beginning.

After every major feature, we release a stable version of your product so you can review it and get it in front of your clients to gain feedback as soon as possible. That way we can make changes immediately if needed. This agile process allows us to quickly adapt to the constantly changing needs of our clients (and your clients!)

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process icon
№ 5

Launch and beyond.

Once we launch the final version, you won’t have to worry about us forgetting about you. That’s not how we roll. But don’t forget us either. It’s a tough business world. You’re always looking for ways to improve. We’re always looking for new technologies to help you compete.
Capital-A Agile

We're big fans of agile development practices in our projects. Agile favors “individuals and interactions over processes and tools”, avoids heavy documentation, and emphasizes continuous software releases through small iterations.

The result: Agile gives us the flexibility to create better applications in a shorter timeframe with less effort. High quality communication with the client ensures that you’re always in the loop. This drastically lessens any opportunity for your project to get off track.


Do you know how people used to test applications back in the olden days? They would visit the site and click on all the links and test everything by hand. How primitive! What we do is automate our tests. This adds safety to the development process by giving immediate feedback after making changes. Not to mention, when it comes time to add new features down the road, we can just run all of our tests again to make sure nothing was broken in the process. It’ll help you sleep at night.

This is true Quality assurance – having a process that in itself will yield a product that conforms to your requirements.