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April 6th, 2022 - Robert Cotey

4 Benefits of Ruby on Rails for Software Applications

The technology we use when we are developing is extremely important to us and our software clients. Which frameworks we choose can affect the efficiency of the project, the application, and the happiness of the client. When it comes to web applications, Ruby on Rails is our top framework. Entrision uses RoR for so many reasons, but we've pulled together the top four benefits that keep us coming back to Ruby on Rails with each project.

Why We Use Ruby on Rails for Our Projects

1) Time-efficient

Using Ruby on Rails makes development fast. We're able to create prototypes quickly and iterate on them just as efficiently. Ruby on Rails includes plugins and modules that developers can use to code common situations, saving time in routine parts of development. In turn, because the code is already written, most often the number of bugs is low. This keeps churn low and reduces the back and forth to get to market faster.

2) Cost-effective

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework, so it's 100% free for developers to use. The gems can be downloaded for free and can be used to speed up a project, where otherwise the code would have to be written from scratch. These two things can bring down the costs on any project as, you know, time is money.

3) Scalable

This is one of the foremost reasons we use Ruby on Rails - it's incredibly easy to scale as your business grows and the application takes on more users. While we don't build applications to manage millions of users from the getgo, Ruby on Rails allows us to build your application to the scale needed today and grow it into what it requires tomorrow.

4) Security

On its own Ruby on Rails is extremely secure. As we build applications we understand and learn the vulnerabilities in the application and use gems or build code, if needed, to help layer more security on the applications we develop. Each application is going to use and store user data slightly differently, and Ruby on Rails allows us the flexibility to secure the applications as needed.

If you are looking to build an application using Ruby on Rails, we'd love to help. Jump on over to our Ruby on Rails Services page and check out our process and past clients.


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