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The Oath. Reinvented. A social network built on making and keeping promises to build your trust reputation.

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Trust. Is it still valued in our society today? Oathocracy is the first social app that rewards trustworthy behavior. We are building a global movement that empowers people to interact, work, and cooperate with each other based on trust. Users make agreements with one another through the app, in a public setting that keeps them accountable.

social features

Social Features

Find and connect with friends to see what oaths they’re making and keeping. Even vouch for them!

push notifications

Push Notifications

Never miss a deadline and keep your promises with push notifications for important due dates.

advanced social integration

Advanced Social Integration

We’ve utilized two-way social network integrations to make the process as easy as possible for users.

“Obviously trust is very important to me. Entrision was a team I could trust. Not only did they have the skill set I needed, I felt like they fully embodied the spirit of my concept.” Erik Gainor, CEO

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